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 Sabi(First character, don't hit meh. ;A;)

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Sabi(First character, don't hit meh. ;A;) Empty
PostSubject: Sabi(First character, don't hit meh. ;A;)   Sabi(First character, don't hit meh. ;A;) Icon_minitimeMon May 27, 2013 10:07 pm

Sabi(No last name as of the zombie attack.)




134 lbs.

Hair Color:

Eye Color:
Acid green.

Sabi has tan skin, with delicate hands that have a lot of strength behind them despite their small size. He has a feminine body and his hair is messy with five locks of 'spikes' draped over his right eye where a scar resides from his past. He also has a large, green cobra tattoo on his back and whipping scars. When he gets hot, the cobra seems to switch from it's back being away, from turning and hissing at you, since it has an under-the-skin tattoo.

.. He doesn't have one and sleeps with anyone that wants to sleep with him.


Sabi has several problems with his mental stability, proclaiming sometimes when prompted to that he's either more evolved or a god. He acts harmless, and jokes around, but he could easily shoot someone through the head without a second thought. He doesn't like girls. Period. He also prefers to tease others rather cruelly, and has a rather bothering tendency to swear in almost any sentence unless he's pissed or serious.

He also is very bi-polar, no one is sure why this is, but whenever asked, he'll just smirk and say 'So you can't deal with it either, King and Maru were the only ones that could' and laugh like a lunatic.

However, even with his mental instability, he is not stupid, and can normally spot a trick a mile away. He prefers to wield a sword that almost is like an over-sized butcher's knife, but the sad thing is, this sword is bigger then his entire body. He also is very organized and knows how to survive in the wilderness.

He is also able to scavenge for things and make steroids.

Sabi is also known to be a bit of tsundere, and doesn't really know why, but at certain times when confronted by a male who is clearly stronger than him and what he refers to as 'sexy', he has a tendency to become rather shy and at times rather emotional. He also believes this is his biggest flaw and tries hard to control it.

Sweet things, his bike(A motorcycle. Vroom vroom.), teasing other people, threatening other people, and then he likes a cat he's had with him from child-hood. He also likes knives, his sword, and his Mamba pistol that he never leaves behind.

When someone assumes they know better than him, when someone has the nerve to try and control him, and when someone else assumes that they will do whatever they want with him, such as turning him into a pawn. He hates to talk about his past, and really dislikes nosey people. Another thing he hates is when someone assumes he was trying to kill them, if he wasn't, he will tell them very seriously that he wasn't and that they would be dead if he was.

He's a bit of both sides, good and bad. More on the bad side then he is the good side.

Usually wears:
Sabi usually wears a long, white, blood-stained trench coat with a large mask covering his face. His carry items consist of his sword(with the bandages wrapped around his shoulder so he can carry it), a large duffle bag containing his clothes and other items, a backpack he uses for food, and his cat often resides on one of his shoulders. He wears black military combat boots with chains attached to them, and has black jeans with a chain dragging by his side. He also has a grey shirt usually with words written in some ancient language that no one has been able to decipher, but Sabi says very firmly that he understands it. He is usually walking beside his motorcycle, dragging it along till he gets tired of walking and rides it.

Favorite quotes:
'My dear, if I was trying to kill you, I would have done it already.'
'Nobody is perfect.. I am nobody.'
'If it's a fight, don't use your goddamn brain to win, use your instincts.'
'Learn who the hell is stronger then you, pest, believe me, it'll save you in the long run!'
'Humans are such stupid creatures, they assume that if they band together, they will win. I see a bunch of weak little pests running around, waiting for me to stomp on them. But I'm going to wait and watch them squirm.'

Sabi is also a 'ass virgin', for those who might be interested.

And done! -bows- There, I posted. O4O

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Sabi(First character, don't hit meh. ;A;)
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